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"Experience Tennis Beyond Big Shots. Whether you dream of winning Wimbledon, rising to the top of your club ladder or just want to hit the ball and have a great time, Tennis Beyond Big Shots will show you the revolutionary new Beyond way, acclaimed by Grand Slam Champions. You will win more matches with less effort. I guarantee it!" - Greg Moran

Tennis Beyond Big Shots presents a bold back-to-the-future approach. A new game that moves away from power and big shots yet is more lethal to opponents than any booming serve. Greg Moran shows players of all ages and abilities that, with simple and small changes, you can not only maximize your tennis wins and play longer, but also have much more fun doing it.

MATS WILANDER, Former No.1 Pro Player
“Greg’s book could be a blueprint for how I’ve approached the game from my junior days through my career on the professional and senior tours. Tennis Beyond Big Shots will permanently improve your game.”

CLIFF DRYSDALE, ESPN TV Tennis Analyst, Former World Top Ten Player
“Tennis Beyond Big Shots is one of the most unique books I've read. A must for every player's library.”

CHRIS EVERT, 18-time Grand Slam Champion
"Greg Moran shows how you can win many more matches simply by making small changes to your game!"

STANLEY MATTHEWS JR., Former Great Britain Davis Cup Star
“If you want to win more matches and have a great time doing it, Tennis Beyond Big Shots is the book for you.”

“Tennis Beyond Big Shots offers an approach to tennis that players can absorb and apply immediately. We’ve moved to the top of our division.”

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