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High percentage tennis works against any opponent. The top 5 high-percentage shots for singles and doubles.

While limiting your unforced errors and keeping the ball in play should always be your number one strategic approach, as you move beyond the 3.5 level, you’re going to find that you’ll need to take your strategy to the next level and understand the theories of high percentage tennis.

High percentage tennis means hitting the right shot at the right time. It means hitting the shot that gives you the least chance of committing an error while, at the same time, the best chance of staying in, or winning the point.

I have identified the top 5 high-percentage shots for singles and a set of 5 shots for doubles, and show you how you can make these a part of your every game. For instance, in singles hitting your approach shot straight ahead will allow you the best chance to stay in the game, and win!

A tennis match between players of equal ability is a contest of patience, and it is the player, or team, who can be the more patient, executing high percentage shots, who will usually walk off the court the winner.

Percentage tennis is a systematic approach to strategy that will be effective against every opponent you face.

- Greg Moran

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