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CHRIS EVERT, 18-time Grand Slam Champion
“Tennis Beyond Big Shots is one of the most unique books I've read. A must for every player's library.”

MATS WILANDER, Former No.1 Pro Player
“Greg’s book could be a blueprint for how I’ve approached the game from my junior days through my career on the professional and senior tours. Tennis Beyond Big Shots will permanently improve your game.”

LUKE JENSEN, French Open Doubles Champion & ESPN Tennis Analyst
"Club players everywhere can win more and have more fun with Greg's unique back-to-the-future approach to tennis."

TIM HECKLER, CEO, United States Professional Tennis Association
“Greg Moran’s Tennis Beyond Big Shots is an insightful look at tennis at various stages in our playing lives. His sincere and passionate lessons help us to remember that at the end of the match, it’s not always about the score.”

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#1 Bestselling New Tennis Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Greg Moran has written an extremely helpful tennis book. His thesis is that the average player can’t realistically hope to emulate the hardhitting brand of tennis employed by professionals and espoused by many well-meaning instructors.If you’ve become frustrated by the endless chase for perfect strokes, Moran may have the insight you need to raise your game.- TONY LANCE, Tennis Magazine

"Moran has both knowledge and passion, and his book will get you back on court with renewed motivation." - ACE Tennis Magazine, UK

"Tennis Beyond Big Shots is a courtside companion for any game-improving player." - Inside Tennis magazine

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