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We live in a world that glorifies power. Be it on the battlefield, in the boardroom or classroom and, yes, on the tennis court, power equals winning. Power turns us on, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the way we live our lives.

The bedside alarm jolts us awake and the race begins! We jump out of bed, take a “power” shower, skip breakfast, and then sprint for the next 15 hours. Work, school, errands, lunch on the run. And God forbid we get stuck behind a truck and are late for our next very important “power” meeting.

Dominated by the clock, our minds are constantly racing while our bodies struggle to keep up. We take great pride in telling each other how hectic our schedules are and how little sleep we get, though we do try to squeeze in a “power” nap. At the end of the day, physically and emotionally spent, we collapse into bed only to do it all again tomorrow

Not surprisingly, we bring this same frenzied, hard-hitting approach to our tennis lives. In today’s game, Power Tennis means big shots: 100-mph serves and rocket-propelled forehands. Crunch those service returns and you’ll feel just like Agassi. One big winner and victory is within your reach…game, set, and match? Well, not so fast!

Grand Slam winners have shown over and again that the big shot approach to tennis seldom wins matches. In fact, it usually produces frustration, injury and can even drive players away from the game forever.

Welcome to the New Power Tennis! Tennis Beyond Big Shots is an easy- to-follow, smart, bold experience guaranteed to make you a better tennis player the next time you step onto the court. You’ll come to realize a new power that doesn’t focus on big shots yet can be more devastating to your opponents than a 130-mph serve.

Whatever your tennis goals, I will help you achieve them, and more.Tennis Beyond Big Shots is a treasure chest of proven plans to help you win more matches and make tennis one of the most enjoyable parts of your life.

In Part 1, I offer you four surprisingly simple ways that will allow you to improve your game right away. No major grip or swing changes. You don’t need them. In Part 2, I will unveil forgotten shots that can make any player better, fast.

Part 3 is a progressive approach that will guide you through your matches and beyond. Whether you’re working with a teaching professional or are self-taught, the 'Beyond' experience in Parts 1-3 will build on where you are now and propel your game to the next level.

A long life of enjoyable tennis is everyone’s goal. In Part 4 I will share my life experiences and exclusive observations, guaranteed to make you one of the most sought after players at your club.

Whether you dream of winning Wimbledon, rising to the top of your club ladder or just want to hit the ball and have a great time, Tennis Beyond Big Shots will make you a champion, on and off the court.

- Greg Moran

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