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Big Shots Are For Wimps  

Put the word "power" in front of anything, and we’ll rush to buy it. Power rackets, power strings, power shoes, power warm-ups, you name it. If it’s got the word “power” on it, we want it.

It’s easy to understand why. We see Andy Roddick fire in a 150-mph serve that would penetrate concrete, and we walk away thinking that winning tennis is all about big shots and quick points.

While there is a place for power in your tennis game, the problem comes when the search for those "magic moments" dominates our style of play. Big shots are not your biggest weapon—not even close.

Several times a week, a player comes to me upset about their latest loss to someone they feel they “should have beaten easily." The conversation usually goes something like this:

Greg: "How did your game go?"
Anne: "Terrible. I lost, and the girl I played stunk. All she did was get the ball back."
Greg (to myself): "All she did was get the ball back? Hello? Isn’t that the idea?"

The ability to "just" get the ball back has somehow become something to be looked down upon. Those who "just get the ball back" have been thrown in with the other black sheep of the tennis world, the "lobbers," "pushers" and "dinkers." Macho tennis players call these people “tennis wimps.” You know what I call them? Winners!

- Greg Moran

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