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Where Is Greg? The Beyond Tour  

Looking for ways to motivate your corporate team, fill up your tennis event, ramp up memberships, raise funds, unlock your team's tennis potential and have the time of your life!

Contact Greg and discover an exclusive, exciting and fun way to advance your goals:

Greg's Beyond Clinic
Greg resides in Connecticut and can be contacted at 203.762.2423 /

"I firmly believe that, with a few simple adjustments, most players can play one or two levels above where they are now, with the strokes they now possess." - Greg Moran

An energetic, enjoyable and educational on court experience, the Beyond Clinic is adapted from the Tennis Beyond Big Shots oook written by award winning tennis professional Greg Moran.

Director of Tennis at the prestigious Four Seasons Racquet Club in Wilton, CT, Greg and his touring team of pros will conduct drills and offer instructional tips designed to not only help players improve their game but have a great time while doing it.

Each Beyond Clinic will be personally designed to suit your groups size and needs. A typical exciting Beyond day might be:

1:00-1:20: Moving Beyond Big Shots towards More Victories
1:20-1:30: The Beyond Big Shots warm-up
1:30-2:00: Big Shots are for Wimps groundstroke drills
2:00-2:30: Placement Beats Power volleys
2:30-3:00: Making your Opponent Sing your Song.
3:00-3:30: Beyond the Score games & competitions
3:30-4:00: Round-Robin doubles with the TBBS pros

All participants will receive a personalized copy of Tennis Beyond Big Shots signed by Greg Moran.

Greg's Beyond Clinic Flyer

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